Imagining a new Dundrum village

It is a great honour to serve the people of the Dundrum area. I grew up here and I love the area. I want to get citizens more involved in some of the big developments coming down the track which we are concerned about, like the Metro and the redevelopment of Dundrum village.
The conversion of the Luas to a Metro could cause chaos for commuters for 18 months. It is questionable whether this is the right plan at all. We are not being given enough information about other possible options which would be less disruptive. It’s a massive investment and we need to get it right.
I’m also concerned about the redevelopment of old Dundrum shopping centre and the village. This threatens to be a massive soulless retail blob. We need is some well-planned public space. Dundrum should be a natural social and cultural focal point for the thousands of people in the area, not just a glorified mall.